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About Us


A fun journey -

It all began with a simple car ride.  

Driving to school everyday, our daughters would complain that the sun was constantly in their eyes. The sun visors in our cars were rendered useless because of their height and holding their hands in front of their eyes was irritating and exhausting. They often elected to look down or away to escape the direct sunlight. 

We looked online in search of a product to purchase and quickly realized there was nothing that solved our problem.  That's when we started to brainstorm ideas.  After a lot of collaboration, late nights, and fun, we created the SunZtik™, pronounced - Sun Stick, which is a fun little play on words..

We knew the SunZtik worked amazingly well in the car but we eventually found out that it worked amazingly well on the sports field too.. So much so, that when we were sitting on the sidelines, watching our girls play ball, and using the SunZtik to block the sun, other parents would ask us where we got them from.  That's when when we realized that not only did we create something that we knew worked really well, but others did too!. 

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope you enjoy the view and use your SunZtik as much as we do!

Morgan, Reese, Lisa & Anton