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The Handheld Sun Shade That Works Ridiculously Well

Enjoy The View!

We've Got Ya Covered!

Sporting Events

Have you ever been to one of your kids outdoor sporting events with the sun blazing in your eyes, causing you to miss that amazing play?

Car Passengers

While in the car have you ever noticed your kids or passengers hold their hand up, look away or down to avoid the direct sunlight?

Team Fundraising

  We'd love to help and we've got ya covered!   We can customize the SunZtik to promote your team or school logo.  Drop us a line at Info@SunZtik.com and lets get started.   

Kids love it in the car And Parents love it on the fields!

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Turn too much sun into outdoor fun

Creatively solving an everyday problem in a very fun way

The sun often prevents us from seeing what's really in front of us. 

 Not any more!

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